Monday, July 18, 2005

Home at last!

Tom was waiting at the airport... I got a text message from Spencer and Nathan slept through it all!

I am so glad to be home. I need more sleep though. I got in at 4:05 am. I got about four hours of sleep before my language lesson started at 2 pm. Lena was merciful on me... she stopped when she saw my eyes glaze over! I have been hearing Italian spoken for the past three weeks. So, when Lena first started asking me questions I said "Si" instead of "dah" for yes. Tom thought it was pretty funny. I did make one switch last night on the bus to the plane... I knew how to ask people to move over for me... I did not say "skoosi" (excuse me) I said "isvenitchyeh".

Germans drink coffee after dinner but Russians drink tea... it was interesting on the plane to see who wanted tea and who wanted coffee. The flight attendents would switch from German to Russian when asking but they seemed to already know the answer!

The guys have opened all of their presents and seen most of my pictures. I have over a thousand photos... hope you are ready for Rome! I promise to weed through and not post EVERYTHING!

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