Friday, July 29, 2005

Final lesson at Gagarina!

Spencer and I had our final lesson in this apartment. On Monday we will meet with Lena at the BLTC. She knows right where it is. She graduated from there! We will be staying in the dorms. Hopefully, we will have computer access... otherwise Nathan and I will go into withdrawal! And it won't be a pretty sight.

Tom has recieved a lot of emails in response to the recent newsletter. It is good to hear from so many people. And to get updates on what is going on in your lives! Please pray for one of our prayer supporters. Del had a stroke yesterday. He is in the hospital but out of ER with limited abilities. His family would appreciate your prayers.

Nathan is finishing up with Kid's Camp at church. The other day the police showed up "looking" for homeless children. The kids were being fed everyday so the police were watching to see who showed up for food.

Next week on Thursday we go deeper in language instruction when school starts. Lena will still come to help us out. We will have cultural exercises to complete that I am sure to write about!

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