Monday, July 11, 2005

From Tourist to Pilgrim

Santa Scala... Sacred Stairs. These are the stairs that Jesus is said to have climbed up and down at the palace of Pontius Pilate. No photos are allowed here. Faithful pilgrims climb the stairs on their knees. The stairs number 28. They are marble stairs covered in wood. There is a small glass cover over each of the blood stains of Jesus. The stairs were brought here by Helen the mother of Constantine. When you reach the top of the stairs you will see the chapel called the Holy of Holies. I cried, prayed and sweat all the way to the top on my knees. It was not easy... First, I prayed for the strength to make it! Then I began to pray for my family, our work in Russia, our extended family in the States and the friends we have left behind. It was humbling to know that because of being led to Russia I am now in Rome. Plane tickets to Rome are cheap from Russia, from the States not so much... I know that my being here will have an impact on our work and on our family because my being here has had a major impact on me!

Tom, we already have one set of double doors, right... maybe we should just do one door on that side! It looks like alot of progress is being made.

I hope your guests had fun with their projects this afternoon. I am sure that you are a good teacher and that everything came out beautiful!

Tonight Erin is singing in a concert at the Basilica San Clemente. We saw a commercial for her concert this afternoon during the news! I have to get back to the apartment for her rehearsal before the show!

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  1. Alida,
    Yes, we have double doors coming in from the living room, so one door to kitchen/hallway it is.
    Nastya's necklace & bracelet are chriseeva & Alexei & Lena designed a necklace for Lena & I strung it. She really liked it. Nastya arrived an hour early at 12:30 & they left around 7:30pm. We had a great day & evening - lots of laughter, fun & music.