Monday, July 25, 2005

Whiter than Snow

Whiter than Snow- Tom's title for this cross... it has all white beads and just a few red in strategic places.

Tom presented a cross he made in Amercia to Valodya. We were so happy when our boxes arrived from the States and we found the cross in perfect condition. Not one bead was missing or one piece of mirror broken. Heather was available to translate. Tom is planning to do some mosaic cement stepping stones. The church is very plain out front and Tom has an artisitic eye. He is able to "see" possibilities and share those ideas with others. Valodya is exicted about having an artist at the church!


  1. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Dear Tom & Alida, Nathan and Spencer,

    I just looked at your posted photos and read Alida's notes. How we long to join you guys back home in Krasnodar. Please give our love to all, especially to Volodia and Lena Radjabov. I've tried to call Lena several times, and can never get through to them at home.

    Question: Who is Ella, referred to in another note/comment of Alida's? Our Julianne is actually Ella Julianne. We use her middle name.

    Stevie (now 4-1/2) and Julianne (2 years old) are both growing, and keep us hopping. We are ENJOYING them.

    I will be praying for all of you, as you begin Language School this week. May God give you an ever-deeper love for those you meet each day, there in our beloved Krasnodar.

    Thank you all for posting your photos. You are quite creative, and an asset to Krasnodar, KBC, and BLTC.

    Love from us 4 to the 4 of you,

  2. Hi there!
    So glad to hear from you guys! The Ella I have referred to is from the Language school. She used to be a Language helper, I think she was Heather's first. Then she had a baby and chose to leave. She was recommended to me by Tanya for house help. Her husband Alexei is doing the remont on our apartment.

    We cannot wait to see your kids and to meet Julianne!

    I will tell the Radjabov's of your greetings! Your family is in our prayers... we look forward to your return.

    Alida, Tom, Nathan & Spencer