Thursday, July 28, 2005


We had to purchase the tile today for the apartment. The area in the kitchen that Americans call a 'backsplash' is called a 'workspace'. I chose the tiles I wanted for that and could have gotten ones that had paintings on them. I was asked if I wanted "bez carteeni, tolka zeloni?" only green without the paintings? Yes, only green without the paintings! Then I was informed that there was not enough tile for the entire apartment to be done in one color. I had to choose another color. They tried to sell me granite. I asked how much it was... I know numbers very well now thanks to Lena's drilling! 520 rubles per meter was 200 rubles more than the other. No thanks. I will just take the same tile I wanted originally in a different color! Ervand and I finished up; leaving a deposit and then went off to find Alexei and Tom. They were looking at tile for the mosaic Tom has planned for the church. Tom found some great colors and is pleased. We are moving out of here on Sunday and into the BLTC. Our flat is not yet ready but things are progressing.

Our entry way is full of boxes and packages from the States! There is a small pathway... Just before you get to the chairs is the bathroom. We will be so glad to move!

Mom sent a cookbook that came in the mail today. It was a gift for Ella. Alexei took it home with him. He is certain she will be very happy. Yes, Lena has an Alexei and so does Ella!

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