Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"The tearing down is almost over!"

The 2 Stage Russian Remont process is nearly 1/2 complete! (Stage 1: Tear everything down. Stage 2: Decide how to build everything back up.) I'm really getting the hang of this style of remont & frankly I kind of like the process!! It certainly allows for a free-flowing style of remodeling - making adjustments and changes at anytime. For us creative types, ideas spring up during the process, giving birth to more ideas. Obviously this can get out of hand & some structure & a plan are needed, but it sure is fun!
I've stuck to the strict orders from Alida, however, for how she wants things for our flat. We've talked about any changes so there will be no surprises when she returns from Rome early Monday morning.
All the old aluminum wiring has been removed & is ready to be replaced. 2 wall corners by the kitchen need to be shaved 45 degrees, & the lower balcony wall in the living room is to be removed (that's an 'in process' decision!). Then the plumbing added in kitchen & bathroom, bathroom wall can be rebuilt & floors tiled. Windows were paid for today...they should go in in a few days.
It will be interesting to see if we will be able to move in by late next week as we have hoped!

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