Monday, October 17, 2005

Back to School

Oi! School is hard enough in English... imagine being 42 years old, looking at the board and seeing Russian letters in cursive and trying to decode them in order to transfer them from your brain onto the page in front of you in print! Ochen Trudnah. very difficult. Figuring out how to print again seemed like a foreign concept. The Russian was easy to understand. But, the teacher wrote in cursive and I wanted to print... how do I do that?

We all met our new teachers today. Tom and Spencer have Tonya. The teacher that Nathan and I had. And Nathan and I have Madina. The teacher that Spencer and Tom used to have.

It was so good to see our friends again. Lots of hugs and "glad to see you again" went around! Mike and Kathy have to leave for a month because Kathy's dad has to go into a nursing home. Robert and Ann will be gone for two weeks to take care of their visas. Judy B. has to leave for a women's retreat and a meeting. We just came back and our friends have to leave!

correction: Kathy's Dad is ill not Mike's and Kathy has to take a month off of school. Learning Russian is difficult and to miss additional weeks of school (on top of visa trips) makes it even harder; please pray for them!

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