Saturday, October 08, 2005

Stress Filled Morning!

Last night and this morning we attended the seminar on Stress. So our time was stress filled... get it? Okay, so it was not that funny.

Anyway, Tom and I had the great joy of attending a conference that was taught in English but translated into Russian. The power point was in Russian totally so unless we heard Lee say it in English our notes are in Russian! Lee offered to make us a copy of the power point in Russian. There is no English copy; only his personal notes are in English! We are going to take him up on the offer. He was using specific terminology that Tom and I will eventually need. Some of it was hard for Sasha to translate. I don't yet know the Russian word for inadequate... but I heard Sasha say "incorrect" and I knew that was not right. I leaned over and told Tom that Sasha had just translated that wrong. Fortunately, another attendee whose Russian is MUCH better than mine, Keith, was also there and he heard it too and he was able to get Sasha back on track! It is interesting to me this language to language tranlation stuff. It is so complicated and delicate that one word can really make a difference.

Last night there was confusion over "loss of control". The reference was to control over outside circumstances but the meaning most Russians picked up was not being able to control themselves. And this led to interesting questions for Lee to answer... Thank God for Keith. He was able to clear this up and Lee addressed it first thing this morning! Keith has spoken Russian since age 12. English and Russian go together hand in hand for him.

Tom and I had lunch with Sasha afterward he told us about just having graduated from law school here in Odessa last year. A lawyer was doing the translating for a pastor/psychologist!

Sasha translated last year for a basketball coach from Mississippi. He said that guy did not speak English... he spoke slang! It took him a week to get rid of that guys speech pattern!!

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