Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Our time here is almost over!

We can finally see the end of our time here in Odessa! We left Krasnodar on the 19th of September and by the time we return we will have missed a month of school.

Odessa is a great place to relax and recover from the faster pace life of the bustling city. Odessans place a high value on laughter.

I was trying to take pictures at the Stress conference so I could post them when we get home. One of the PASTORS saw me and kept getting in the way by acting like a gorilla scratching himself...

I asked a question in English on the first night and one of the PASTORS turned around and said "now ask it in Russian".

Sasha was translating for Lee: Lee was talking about the Garden of Gethsemane, however, he mistakenly said Garden of Eden. Several of us called out "Gethsemane!" and he turned to Sasha and asked him to translate the correction. Sasha said "I already did!"

Jokes have been going on all around us. Some by us and some by others... Nothing is sacred!


Today Spencer and I went out to the small Christian bookstore here in town. I was praying for something that I could read. I found a book and tape of Russian and Ukrainian worship songs. Then I found a Bible Study that looks exactly like the material we were using at Capo Beach in the women's group when I first started going. Only it is in Russian. I got so excited. I should be able to translate that book (over the next few years) back into English!

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