Thursday, October 27, 2005

these lessons really work!

Spencer and I went to stock up on food today. We have not really done a big shopping trip since we returned from Ukraine. So today was the day. Which meant a taxi to come home. I have gotten a taxi before but I have at times felt slightly uncomfortable because they might ask me something I don't know or I cannot quite tell them how to get to our house. Well, thanks to Lesson 12 I can now tell them exactly how to get to my house. I told the driver my building number and then my apartment number and I saw the confused look on his face. You know "the where is that?" look. I told him it was not far from Sograt and he understood. Then when we got to the right street I was able to tell him to keep going straight and where to turn. I could even tell him which entrance number was mine. I learned the word entrance in lesson 12 "podyesd" we live in Podyesd number 1. So when he stopped at number 7 I didn't have to do sign language I could say "Nyet nomer sem. Mwee zhivoot podyesd Nomer Odeen!" (Not number seven. We live at entrance number one!)

Spencer was relieved.... at first when we moved here I would have the taxi drivers drop us off at the grocery store about a block and a half from our house. Now I can direct them to our front door! If only I could get them to bring the groceries up the flour flights of stairs!!!!! Oh well, we have teens with us for at least two-three years!

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