Sunday, October 23, 2005

Plita, Halelujah!

oo menyah yest plita! I have a stove! Finally. We went out to Krasnaya Ploshad and found a reasonably priced Bosch. We got a partial reimbursement on our expenses in Ukraine. And that gave us enough to purchase the last appliance for the kitchen. Tom can call the plumber out and we will have a full working kitchen ... maybe by the end of the week?!

When we purchased the plita we picked up two DVD's and some conditioner for the iron. We went to the front desk which is what I thought I understood we were supposed to do. Wrong. They brought out the plita and the range hood. Whoa.... we cannot get that home on the bus. When I saw it I made my eyes get big and looked at the poor guy bringing it out and said "dostofka nada" Delivery is needed! He told me to go back to the other department and arrange for delivery. Whew... that was a relief. Tom kept saying "gestapo" and I was trying to ignore him so I would not forget the word dostofka! He is so helpful.... sometimes more than others. On the way home he changed gestapo to mufasa. I told him that was at least closer!


On the way home Tom was looking out the window and motioned for me to look out at this taxi driver who was standing beside his taxi eating an ice cream cone. Tom said "it's Harry Belafonte driving a taxi and eating ice cream!" Honestly, that is what it looked like!

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