Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Russian Consult

Today we filled out the applications for our Russian visas... they should be ready on Thursday of next week! We were excited to see the DHL package waiting for us when we woke up this morning. We took a walk to the post office to mail postcards. Went to get more photos taken for the visas. Got some cash for the application.

We chose to be wise stewards of our salary and to do the normal processing it was 600$. We are grateful to our supporters and when we calculated the expedited cost versus paying for room and board and the normal processing time.... Tom figured we would save almost 400 dollars. So we will stay here another week. It is okay with all of us since we now have an end to our time here in sight!

Todays sightings...

A man who looked like he had just rolled out of bed was walking toward us with big red puppy dog slippers on. The kind with the floppy ears and a tongue!

We found the street Russian Consult on Italianskyah Street!

Todays correction:

There are many legends, fables and stories that grow larger than life.... we are not saying we were lied to about the Potemkin steps.... that would not be correct. But when Tom and I were reading together last night we both noticed the dates of when the steps were named and who they were named for! Not a poet, not even the General Potemkin... but Prince Potemkin who was here and was very gracious. The steps were dedicated to him in 1905. There used to be 200 steps and now there are 192.

So no matter who the steps are named for and what romantic legend surrounds them... they are part of the gateway to the city & I climbed those suckers in my high heels!!!!

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