Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My oven is here... kinda

I have an oven in the house.... right here beside me in the hallway. At least the dostofka (delivery) men brought it up the four flights of stairs. But after that we have no idea what they said to us. I spoke with him on the phone and could not understand him so I handed the phone to Lena. Lena got off the phone and said SHE could not understand him either. Four hours later when they finally show up Lena is not here and neither Tom nor I know what in the world this guy is saying so he finally just said "dosveedonyah" (goodbye) and left. Which brings me to where I have an oven sitting in the hall right in front of Nathan's doorway. Hopefully, tomorrow Alexei (Ella's husband) will show up and cut the counter tops to install the oven and sink and the kitchen will be complete.

I have learned the meaning of the Apostle Paul's words when he says "I have learned to be content..." I am ok with how we are living right now. I would love to have the kitchen finished but I know of greater trials others are going through and I can be content knowing that I do have a water source and a way to cook. We are clean, fed & housed and that is a good thing!

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