Monday, October 24, 2005


Школа! School. Monday is normally a difficult day back and yet suprisingly everyone had a great day! It was nice for Tom and Spencer because their class was just the two of them with their other classmates out of the country right now.

Nathan and I only had half a day of class and the other half the director came in to speak with us about how we are doing so far.

We asked questions about culture and school lessons.

I asked why someone would call Spencer a помидор? (pomidor, tomato) He was wearing a red coat and it was one of the puffy ones. Tania said it was a joke! She said that it is perfectly acceptable for someone his age to wear that type of jacket.

I found out why people think I am European. It is my clothing. I have completely changed the way I dress. Most of my clothes were purchased here. I slip an American piece in occaisionally. But I look like I come from Great Britain or France. And now with cooler weather and my regularly wearing a hat... definitely French is what people are saying! Besides, people here assume that no Americans would come here because it is so far away.

Tom has decided he wants a fedora hat. He is already wearing a black leather jacket. Tim said to Tom "you know what you need to look like the Russian Mafia? Nothing! You already look like the mafia." I told him if he gets the fedora he will look like the Italianskya Mafioso!

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