Friday, October 21, 2005

Yah oochoose Angleeski yahzeek

I teach the English Language! Tamara asked me if I would teach her fifth graders a song. I decided to teach a song from the Wizard of Oz. As I walked into the room with the DVD a few of the boys said "that is a kids movie" I said "oh no it is not!" I let them know that EVERYONE in America knows the words to 'Follow the Yellow Brick Road'. Because it is shown in America on TV every year. That made a difference.... "everybody in America?" "Yes, everybody!"

I had to sing it for them first and they all clapped loudly and they were ready to sing as soon as I was done. We sang it through maybe 10 times. Then Nathan & I judged their poetry. It was interesting that we chose the same three winners that were chosen in the official contest!

Spencer went back to work at the children's home today. He says they have a new boy who is having some problems.

Tom was not able to go to the Rehab Center to work today because they could not find a male translator. He is not allowed to take a woman down there with all those men!

We had Tim Watson and Dave Henderson here for dinner. It was good to see Tim for the second night in a row. Joy had sent some goodies for us. A CD for Nathan and Spencer and yarn and beads for me and Tom! Tim and Joy won't be back here until May. Joy is having surgery. Please pray that all goes well and that she will recover quickly.

Dave's wife Shari is ill too. She will be having some tests soon. It is not easy with recovering from the Dengi fever they contracted while in the Philipines. It has been good to meet Dave. He is our field superviser for Russia. He lives in Moscow. He will be back to see us in January and hopefully Shari will come with him on that trip.

Lena came over today and we had a great language time. I didn't work on the lesson. We just talked. And she told me that I just need to work on grammer and sentence construction. I am still using English word order with Russian words and that doesn't work. I will get the hang of it. She told me how pleased she was with both Spencer and Nathan's progress. They are both talking more. Spencer is asking her questions now in Russian and Nathan is having conversations. She hit her brother yesterday (Nathan told me) because he was talking too fast. He is hard to understand when he talks fast. It is her younger brother.... She made him slow down and talk to the boys so they could understand him. I saw him at her house on Tuesday when I had lunch over there. He was talking fast and had his mouth full. Only Lena makes bliny ( Russian pancakes)like her mother so his wife Olya doesn't make them for him! Anyway, I kept asking him to repeat what he said so I could answer his question!

Tom had a good lesson with Lena too. She gave each of us individual attention this week. We all needed it. I could hear her working with Tom she was drilling him on verbs and how to conjugate them. She is such a good friend and teacher.... God is so wonderful to us. It really could have gone south and not worked out for our friend to work with us on language. I think she is naturally gifted. She really cares about us learning the language so she puts her all into it!


  1. So your name is Alida? Yes, I am meeting more and more people with this name. My entire life I have always felt that it was special, since it is so uncommon. Thanks for stopping by my blog "Long Island Woman."

  2. Alida,
    It is still special! I love our name. I think it is unique and beautiful.