Friday, October 07, 2005

King Lear

Before I get to attend the seminar tonight I am heading over to Grace and Keith's house to drop the boys off. They are going to watch the movie King Lear with some kids from Arwen and Eden's school. The English Literature class, taught by Grace, just finished reading King Lear and now they get to watch the movie. Nathan and Spencer have not read it but she thinks they will still understand the movie. She said she chose a clear version! Shakespeare.... clear? I hope they like it!

Tonight's seminar is being led by Lee Hotchkiss. He was supposed to get here yesterday. However, he got stuck at Dulles airport in Washington. The connecting flight was coming from Tampa and had mechanical problems and he missed the plane to Ukraine! He will get here today at 2pm. His seminar starts at 7pm. For all of you who speak or who teach you will appreciate his predicament. He is teaching on STRESS!

I love God's sense of humor!!

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