Saturday, October 15, 2005

Radiator drama

Spencer really should tell this story. Today when we woke up (ok so it was about two this afternoon) we just got back from a 23 hour bus ride remember! So what happened was this... Spencer notices his wall is leaking... then he notices his ceiling is leaking so we start moving really fast to get his belongings out of the way so nothing gets ruined.

Tom calls our contractor Alexei who takes a while to show up so Spencer stands there holding a bucket to catch the water that is pouring out of the pipe in the ceiling and Tom is handling a leak that is a huge bulge in the corner of the ceiling. Tom has a great attitude and is keeping everything in perspective. He keeps telling us this is not New Orleans. It will be ok. I found as many towels as possible for the guys to clean the floor with. And then I left for the bank and other errands that had to be done. On my way out I called Valentin and he came by when he got off work. Alexei got here at some point and they got the water turned off for the building and that stopped the flooding in our place! Everything will be repaired tomorrow (maybe!)

Valentin said that there was a notice on the news today for people to stay home because they were going to fill the radiators with water. And that someone should be home in case of leaks.


  1. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Alida I can not send you email. I keep getting "failure" notice. Tried all day What is going on? Do you know?
    Send me a text msg. if you can. I hope this works

  2. Hey, you think of everything!
    Of course by now you know I got all of your messages and I answered each one!