Thursday, October 06, 2005

Women's Meeting

Women seem to find each other all over the world. I attended a group that had been meeting for over 11 years. Not every woman has come for that amount of time. The longest attendee has only been around for 9 years. Women come and go but the group has been available for those that want the fellowship for the past 11 years. It is a place to share what is going in your corner of ministry. There is no competition. I met a woman who is involved in a street ministry for children. She had been out on the streets last night looking for children who were homeless. She was "protecting" a new team member who had just arrived. She said it was not safe for HIM to go out alone! They offer medical care and schooling to all children who go home with them. They just exist to get kids off the street.

Another woman I met is here with her husband who is an Executive with an major manufacturing company. He was sent here to help work at the port in Customs. He thought he was going to be a consultant and then found out he was head of the project.... then he found out they were moving to Ukraine. They will be here about 5 years. She is putting her talents to work teaching art in a local school.

Each woman had a story... a family... a heart for the work she is involved in. They meet once a month and are reading a book together. I am looking forward to a similar group that was just forming when I left Krasnodar.


When Denise was dropping Grace off at her home Nicole's boys came running out to the car. They had just recived a package from their grandmother. They had brand new light sabers!!!! Stone(4) was waving his high in the air to let Denise know where she should park the car to come and get him. Don't tell him... but, I think maybe she had been there before and knew where she should stop the car!

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