Friday, October 14, 2005

Glad to be home!

When we got back to Krasnodar I actually did not recognize the city. I have only been to the bus station once and not being a morning person I don't remember the ride there. Tom got us a taxi in the pouring rain and we made it home.

Our friends Lena and Olya were at our house waiting for us. It was so good to see them. Spencer called our home to see if anyone would answer the phone. When Olya answered I knew that there would be food waiting for us! And she did not disappoint! Chicken and rice and hot tea was such a treat after being on a bus for twenty three hours...

Lena was so happy that we had kept in touch by text message with them. It was worth the 8$ for the new chip. I can save it for the next time we go to Ukraine! She especially liked the message I sent about making a homemade water bottle. Alexei will fill a bottle with water as hot as you can stand it and put that in the bed to warm it up. There are no "hotwater" bottles as we know them here. I remembered his story and used a half liter water bottle to make a foot warmer..... it kept my feet toasty until I fell asleep!

Now we have all eaten and watched a movie and even though we need showers we are ready for bed! We are safe and warm at home.
Due to the incident in Nalchik there was an increased police presence along the way. The bomb sniffing dogs were out to sniff the cargo hold of the bus and the bag I was carrying for Tom. Rebels use women to carry bombs now! So my "bag" was sniffed in our group and noone else's! This was our first experience with passport control after a major event. Nothing really happened out of the ordinary...

On the final passport check point before entering the city the officer there came on board with a rifle. He checked every ID and then left. We are safe and glad to be home.

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