Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Watch what you say!

In class today Madina told us that we are not supposed to say "I want you" In Russian this does not translate well and has a sexual connotation. She gave us a different phrase to use. After giving us some scripts to use she had us role play calling each on the phone but asking for a family member who was not in the room. When it was time for Janet and I to role play she told me to call and ask Janet if I could speak to Patrick ( Janet's husband). Janet looked me in the eye and said " you better not be using the wrong phrase!" Our teacher laughed so hard it took several minutes for our class to get back on track. When we finally regained composure I made sure I asked for him correctly! I don't want to cross her!

Later: After school a group of us went to the zoopark. It was a small one but very clean. It is strange to be in a zoo where you are so close to the animals. And the signs posted tell YOU not to frighten the animals! The only animal not really able to get near people was the crocodile. And I was grateful for that. The amount of blood visible in his cage showed the size of bunny they had just fed to him! Nathan thought that the falcon eating a bunny was pretty cool so he wanted me to see the no-headed bunny laying in the bottom of it's cage. I have that visual stuck in my head now. Thanks a lot Nathan.

I took only two pictures of the guys standing in front of the zoo sign with Liza and Natasha. They are around 21& 22. They told Jody they wanted to get their photo taken with the guys. Because they thought that Nathan and Spencer were very beautiful! Just what a mother wants to hear..... I can understand them being interested in Nathan he is close to their age. Spencer is only 15. Back away from the young one Devoshkee! (young women)


Language Mistakes:
*I told Lena that a my pie crust recipe had moohah (flies) instead of mookah
*Janet asked her nanny for smetana (sour cream) instead of salfetki (napkin) to wipe her daughter's face.
*And Nathan was trying to correct me when I said Caputsin monkey incorrectly. He said I was saying kapusta (cabbage) and that Kapusta is Ketchup. I said "um... Nathan it's ok if you correct me but make sure you are saying the right word. Kapusta is not Ketchup. It's Cabbage...."

Nathan: "OH! Sorry, Mama!"

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