Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Face that can STOP Traffic

Do you know if you have a face that can stop traffic. I mean if you decide to cross the street just anywhere you want .... will the traffic stop for you? I have watched various people and examined the faces they make. Young men do not have the face. Children, young ladies and babushkas do! They are able to cross the street any where they please and traffic will come to a complete stop for them. Young men must stand there or dodge cars to cross.

Tom tried one day to hail a car to the eye clinic to pick up some medication for Spencer. The one car that finally stopped for him just gave him directions and continued on. I can hail a car very easily when the kids are with me. Single mothers always garner sympathy! I can hail a marzhutka alone or a taxi. I think it depends on the mood of the driver. It also depends on how full the vehicle is when it comes your way!

Before you travel abroad you need to start working on your traffic stopping face.... or borrow a child whichever is easiest!

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