Friday, October 28, 2005


Okay, so the oven is here and Tom moved it in to the kitchen. However, Ervand is sick. So he cannot get Alexei the tools he needs until Tuesday. The dream I had of having a completed kitchen by the end of the week is no more. I have a great looking Bosch oven sitting in the kitchen.... Oh well. It won't go anywhere!

Lena came by for a tutoring session today. Spencer went to work at the Children's Home. Nathan was sick and Tom took a much needed nap. So it was just Lena and me. I was thrilled. We worked on my school work and then we listened to a worship CD in Russian and she helped me with a few words that I could not quite get. Did you ever do that back in highschool? You know, listen to a song over and over until you know all the words? Try doing it in another language it is a hoot! I finally have the words to four of the 16 songs on the CD. I made her a copy of the CD and now she can go home and listen to it. So next week when we work on it she will already know all the words. She will just be helping me figure it out!

We put in a request for funds today to buy Russian New Testaments for the Rehab Center. They have wanted them for awhile but could not afford them.

I think in about six more months I should have the language skills to start an Al-Anon meeting here. We will then put in a request for funds for literature. I am excited to be able to understand more and more each week.

Lena is asking for prayer. She has been asked to teach at the BLTC next year. Tom and I are very excited for her but she is nervous. We think she is an excellent teacher. She will teach on The Woman's Role in The Church.

Before Lena left our home today she heard Tom snoring.... he was asleep in the livingroom while we were working. She wanted me to get my dictaphone and make a recording of him! She said Alexei had done this to her once. I told her I didn't know where my dictaphone was! I didn't want Tom to be upset. We are pleased that she is getting so comfortable with us that she would even suggest something like that!

We helped her send a text message to Alexei. He is up near Nalchik doing a seminar and won't be back until Monday. Since she was writing to her "sweetheart" on my cell phone Tom made sure she signed HER name to it. He didn't want Alexei to think it came from me!

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